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Pic: We moved our meeting to Mama Dorothy’s house so we could celebrate what Jesus has been doing in our lives. We discussed eternity and the kingdom of heaven. +

I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness; I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High.
Psalms 7:17 NIV +

Written by Jung

I was engaged in a conversation where we discussed how joyful it is to share the true goodness of Jesus with others. Sharing the truth and the love of Christ so that others can witness it brings its own abundant rewards. I could catch a glimpse of heaven in their eyes.

Later, I realized the incredible love that resides within those who discover the joy of spreading His love to others.

Before Jesus, giving thanks and praise to God were somewhat self-centered actions, as they were intended solely for Israel. This could be compared to boasting about the beauty of my house or the size of my family’s trust account. Ultimately, it was meant for others to admire and respect.

However, Jesus has transformed all of that. The house we used to boast about is no longer exclusively for my family, and our family trust account is not just meant for me and my children. It has become accessible to everyone, and anyone can take part in its ownership. Moreover, they can find delight in it for eternity even more than I ever could.

Taking this into account, sharing the truth and the love of Christ with the intention of letting others see it must be a selfless deed. Once this is understood and put into practice properly, we can grasp a genuine sense of joy and fulfillment in the kingdom of heaven.

I’ve seen this in the Vuku Family. Bless you, my family, and thank you.

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