I'm precious to Jesus

About Us

The I’m Precious to Jesus Campaign was started by Jung & Helen in 2011 to protect children and women from rape and abuse. Since then, it has impacted many, and its reach has grown to touch many different aspects of people’s lives. Aspects such as, social and cultural elements that are foundations to their self-worth. In 2014 they founded OLIA – Our lives in Africa, to further the effort, and to nurture it into a movement.

Vision & Mission


So they may have hope in Christ


OLIA pursues the improvement of lives through collective self-esteem.  Also it strives to being empathetic towards holistic elements such as cultural, social, family dynamics, and individual personalities.  We are committed to providing a better future for the children through education, family based care, as well as building communities where all can uphold moral standards through public awareness, community development, and self-development.

Company Info & Contact

OLIA is a non-profit organization based in South Africa. It was founded in 2009 and officially registered in 2014

140-272 NPO

930052233 PBO

Website: www.olia.life

Email: admin(at)olia.life

Telephone: +27 (0) 21 853 5390

Physical address:

79 Sarel Cilliers St. Strand WC South Africa

Change the world

Thank you for joining  As a member of the campaign, you will receive periodic newsletters, which will contain more detailed information.
You can become an active member of OLIA (140-272NPO), which will give you opportunities to get involved with the ministries with voting rights.

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