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Pic: Our daughter Papama has graduated from UCT. Her Vuku members came to celebrate with her. Congratulation!

“Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest?” Jesus answered him, “ ‘Love the Lord your God with every passion of your heart, with all the energy of your being, and with every thought that is within you.’ This is the great and supreme commandment. And the second is like it in importance: ‘You must love your friend in the same way you love yourself.’ Contained within these commandments to love you will find all the meaning of the Law and the Prophets.” Matthew 22:36‭-‬40

Written by : Lynnet

This is the Great Commandment – to love the Lord our God with all our strength, all our mind and all our soul. To love others as I love myself – that is how a disciple of Jesus will be known…by the way they love one another. The Great Commission is to go and make disciples, to baptise and teach them all that Jesus is teaching us. Without the Great Commandment, the Great Commission becomes a work of our flesh and in God’s eyes, those are seen as filthy rags. The Great Commission has to flow from living the Great Commandment! THEN we will be working WITH God, lead many to Him, disciple them, baptise them, teach them, and see revival both within our hearts, and also in this world. LOVE ❤

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