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Merry Christmas!

A Christmas message from Thandokazi on behalf of Vuku Family.

When we look towards December 25th Christmas Day, it is when everyone celebrates with their family and sometimes there are gifts on the day. He who has received a gift welcomes and enjoys it, and he who has not received a gift becomes sad. Jesus was birthed by Mary and was conceived by the Holy Spirit. This means that Jesus was not born in the same way as everyone else. Mary had to believe in the angel of God when he told her about the way she would receive the baby, even though at first she did not believe. Luke 1:34 shows Mary’s lack of understanding, while verse 38 shows Mary’s belief in this miracle. When we look at the year 2020, things did not go well with the coronavirus, losing loved ones, and unemployment, this has caused us to be doubtful. Through all those things, Jesus did not forsake us, not because we did well or because we have great faith, but because He is a gift to us. May we enjoy this Christmas with our loved ones with the faith that even in this situation/time Jesus will carry us and protect us until we see each other again next year.

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