I’m Precious to Jesus Campaign

Nicolas Silala is 6. He lost his father to an illness last April. As I was driving away from his house, I saw him standing on muddy ground showing off his shirt to his friends. When he saw me, he gave me a big thumbs up.

This 7 year old girl from Zola became the first child to wear our “I’m Precious to Jesus” shirt.

Zanthile is 3 and she has a twin sister. Children are learning about the world. Whatever comes their way, they will start believing it is as a norm of the world, even if it includes violence, hate, or sexual abuse.

Ziyanda is 11 years old. She told us that she had been living with her grand mother for a long time. I asked her where her parents were, then she said that she never knew her father and that her mother was living far away with her step-father. I used to think that such parents were just irresponsible because it is obvious that a grandmother with many children to look after won’t be able to give them what they need and it is a widespread social problem in South Africa. However learning that the majority of step-daughters get raped, I can partially understand the reasons behind.

The design of the shirt was chosen by the children in Zola. We had 8 sample designs to chose from and more than 100 children voted on it.